Create competitions in any activity or sport.

Create a league for foosball, ping pong, golf, football, or any kind of activity to create an elo rated competition.

“Effective breaks lead to productive workers”


Essential tools to get you started with your challenges


  • 50 games free total in personal leagues
  • 1 free league

Personal Pro

Advanced features for managing your activities


per month
  • unlimited games
  • unlimited leagues
  • personal fixtures and stats
  • nicknames enabled
  • semi-advanced league setup (such as bonus etc.)


Everything you need to engage in workplace competition



per userper month
  • unlimited games within organization/team
  • unlimited leagues within organization/team
  • advanced league setup
  • overall fixtures and stats
  • nicknames enabled
  • admin tools for permissions
  • sub-leagues enabled for overall leagues
  • collaborative workspace to join and create leagues